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Who is Boswijk Posse

Geocache nickname:
Boswijk Posse
Started geocaching on:
14 Januari 2006
Real world name:
S33 45.800 E151 07.776
Personal details:
Living together,
son: Niels (20)
IT Business Analyst
Other hobbies:
Computers, reading, travel, photography

How did you get started on geocaching?

Looking for a GPS device for my car, I stumbled upon a website with handheld GPS devices and there was a page that told something about geocaching. I then found out there was one cache close to home, so on 14 January 2006 I logged my first cache.
It did enjoy the first caches, so soon thereafter I bought my first GPS, a Garmin GPS60, and I started caching more and more. I do enjoy being outdoors and rather than walking around without a purpose, I now go places where I have never been, sometimes disappointing but ofter very interesting and rewarding.
Over the years I have met many people that share the same passion. It is very easy to join local geocachers when you are visiting abroad. Also events are a great way of meeting others that share the same addictive hobby.

What about the name "Boswijk Posse"?

At the time of my first cache founds I lived in The Hague (Netherlands) in a neighbourhood named "Boswijk". Then posse implies a group of people as I envisaged this to be an activity for the whole family. Unfortunately the enthusiasm for geocaching is not shared by the others, so it is mostly a one-man posse.
I have been thinking about changing my tag name as I am more and more geocaching outside of the Netherlands, and the name is quite unpronounceable for non-Dutch speakers. However, with a few thousand caches it is quite a hassle as the name is mentioned in many logs, and the name is also familiar with many other cachers. So I decided not to change it.

Have you placed any caches yourself?

Over the past years I have placed 6 caches; 4 in Dubai and 2 in Hong Kong. Unfortunately most are no longer active. Only Dubai Treasure - Forgotten Bridge , placed in November 2007, is still alive.
Especially in Hong Kong my caches were short-lived, one multi only lasted one find before it was ripped.

Do you have trackables that now travel the world?

I have about 20 travelbugs and geocoins. Most are missing in action, ending up in a ripped caches, or someone put it in their collection. I am now no longer putting new trackables in circulation. I do have a few nice geocoins, but I keep them in my private collection.
Two trackables are worth mentioning:
The Backpacker
This travelbug is attached to my backpack and I log it with each cache visit. So now this travelbug has already travelled almost 600,000 kilometers.
Sookie's Bonetag
This geocoin belongs to Sookie, our schnautzer and I log it with every cache where Sookie is accompanying me. The geocoin is actually attached to her collar.

Any memorable caches?

Plenty of memorable caches. There is a big variety of geocaches in different environment and requiring different skills.

Many caches were done in the Netherlands and with many great hikes it is difficult to choose. But my 1000th cache, a full day of canoeing for a multi is a definitely a memorable one!

Geocaches in Dubai are interesting. Not so much in the city but outside in the desert. I find the emptiness and heat to be amazing and I thoroughly enjoy going out with a rental car and visit some caches. For instance Live Once in Al Maliha and caches done on a desert camping trip with some expats.

I always enjoy geocaching in Hong Kong and I have done some great caching there. The urban environment provides some eaxtra difficulty as the GPS is often confused, but there are some great hikes that can be done on the islands and in the mountains. In 2013 I went with a group of local cachers into the mountains hiking from Ma On Shan to Sai Kung. Every cache was rewarding and let me just pick one of the caches we did, situated at the top of a mountain with great views over Hong Kong.

Of course I need to mention Australia. Some great caches in a beautiful country. My first cache Down Under was a cache right next to our apartment, so it has a special meaning to me. But of course caches around the world famous views or historic landmarks are worth mentioning.