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icon Kissing Point - September CITO Week 2018 [Putney]

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23/09/2018 (click to see all caches that day)

#7317 11:15
Another CITO event organized by our Sydney CITO hero JordsAU, this time at the foreshore in Putney.

Geobuddy and me arrived a bit after 11 and we noticed people were already doing their best in cleaning up the park. After signing the log it was time to start cleaning up.
Surprisingly the park and the water edge were quite clean. We have seen it much worse around the creeks in bushland.

Our work did not go unnoticed and muggles thanks us for the work we were doing.
After an hour we met back at the event location. It feels good to do something good for the community, no matter how small!

Thanks for organizing JordsAU!

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