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22/09/2018 (click to see all caches that day)

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Today I drove up to Wahroonga for a special event hosted by Calypso62. Due to road closures around the event area I had to circle a bit more through the suburb until after 10 minutes of side streets I ended up at Wahroonga Park and found a parking spot opposite our geocaching event.
VK2DF brought along a two way radio to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first wireless transmission between the UK and Australia, on this day at 13:15hr.

After the geocaching event most of us walked over to the monument signifying the place where it all happened. A choir was ready to sing the national anthem of Wales and Australia and a channel 7 news crew was taking shots. The nearby church had a great exhibition organised by various historical societies from the area.

At 13:00 the town cryer introduced the event and at 13:15 the message, 100 years ago transmitted from Wales and received in Wahroonga, was read. At the same time a local radio enthusiast transmitted the message in morse code, which was played back through the sound system.

After this event it was time for me to pack up and head to the local Wahroonga shops for a well deserved burger!

Thanks for this special event Calypso62!

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