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icon Duck and Frog Haven

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21/01/2018 (click to see all caches that day)

#7052 16:50
A cache in three stages.

Stage 1 - Finding the clues
Returning from work, I stopped near the published coordinates. It was quite obvious what was needed and I took some photos so I could figure out the coordinate at home. But there I discovered one clue was missing, Old Windsor Road, so I had to return on another day.

Stage 2 - The missing link
On my daily commute from work, I pulled over on Gilbert Road and returned to the starting point. I then searched for Old Windsor Road which took me more time than expected. With the final number I returned home to calculate the final coordinates.

Stage 3 - The final
GZ is definitely a duck and frog haven, although I did not see any. I also did not spot any muggles at all in the park, so I could search without any inhibitions. After figuring out the NE corner based on the location of the sun, it took me a few looks before I noticed the well crafted camo.

Thanks for the cache


Where are the muggles?

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