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icon Tipler's Time Trail #5: Aristarchus of Samos 300BC

Cache Type:
(Traditional Cache)
GC code:
icon Australia
D: T:
icon (Small)
Placed by:
Copernicus of Antiquity
Date hidden:
Found on:
17/01/2018 (click to see all caches that day)

#7049 14:30
A short afternoon walk in the area of Berowra, picking up a few caches.
We left the main track to walk down to the creek. Here we searches in trees and inside an old car tire. It was only after a while that I found a very suspicious object.
It was not the first time I came across such an object; how the hell it ended up in the middle of the bush remains a mystery to me.

Awesome hide and worth a favourite.

As this was a great spot, we sat on a dry rock in the river and had a cuppa and a bikkie.

Thanks for the cache


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