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icon Anzacs (MobCache)

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(Unknown Cache)
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icon Australia
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icon (Micro)
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Found on:
30/09/2016 (click to see all caches that day)

#6528 12:40
Through FaceBook Kid Ron Satan proposed a lunchtime mini-event in Hyde Park.
Wazza9, Nana Nel, Celtical and myself quickly responded and today we got together in front of the Anzac monument and logged on to the webpage. Quickly the coordinate was revealed and Kid Ron Satan took a screen photo.
We then strolled toward the cache location where the small nano was quickly discovered.

Thanks for the cache, a great concept which I have never seen before. I agree with Celtical, that this cache was too short as we had such good fun meeting up and caching together!

Favo point!


Group huddle

Anzac monument

Anzac monument

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