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03/11/2013 (click to see all caches that day)

#4060 10:25
Today was the day of conquering the Ma On Shan mountains. At 9am the well rested group of geocachers met at Ma On Shan's MTR station from where a minibus to the starting point was taken.

By 10am the group of over 16 cachers was ready and immediately it was hard work as we climbed our first mountain through a series of concrete steps and steep rocky trails. Already during this first climb I occasionally needed to take some moments to catch my breath! However at the end it was rewarding as we could log our cache! On average the climb gradient was 32%, so quite steep!
At the top we enjoyed a great view although it was a bit hazy and windy due to typhoon signal 1 in effect.

TFTC and greetings from the Netherlands.

Very encouraging

The first find for today!

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