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(Traditional Cache)
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icon Australia
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icon (Micro)
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26/10/2013 (click to see all caches that day)

#4024 12:30
This weekend we drove from Sydney to Huskisson for a few days of relaxing. Today we decided to drive through the Shoalhaven toward Kangaroo Valley.
Arriving at Kangaroo Valley we noticed many cars parked along the main road. So we had to park our car close to this cache. As we walked down the main road we visited many of the nice shops and caches.
We then discovered that this weekend was Folk Music festival which explained why it was so busy. As the entrance to the main stages was almost $50 per person we decided to walk to a lunch place in this charming little town before heading out and discover more of this beautiful area.
TFTC and greetings from the Netherlands.

The bank

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