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12/05/2012 (click to see all caches that day)

#2722 13:58
After a late night out in Soho, it was an early start for me to go to Yuen Long. On FaceBook I organised a cycling tour around 3 villages (Yuen Long, Nam Sheng Wai and Tin Shui Wai) to visit 19 caches in total.
In total 11 cache-hungry cachers showed up, and we were also accompanied by the CO's which was really helpful in terms of the route to take.
The weather was very nice, sunny, light cloudcover and a bit of wind every now and then. In total we cycled almost 40 kilometers, between 10:45 and 18:30.
Thanks to everyone for joining in and to the CO for placing these caches in the very nice area around Yung Long.

The 12th cache was conveniently located in front of a restaurant. We have cycled about 20km now, in about 3 hours. So nicely on schedule and a good moment for a meal and a drink in an air conditioned place.
The food was good, but expensive compared to some of the other HK places like Tsui Wah.

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